Glenn Luedtke

Inspector, Glenn Luedtke

Your Inspector:
Glenn Luedtke, president of Comprehensive Home Inspection, established the firm in 1999. Over the years, our firm has conducted hundreds of residential and commercial inspections.
Ultimately, our goal is to create a high-quality, educational and informative experience for the buyer.

By bringing an educational approach to the inspection, we help you gain a firm understanding of the property and its components. With this expert knowledge, you make an informed decision about your purchase.
Whether you’re a builder or a first time home buyer, we explain the “Why?” behind our observations and recommendations. You not only understand the current condition, but have the knowledge to keep your property a well-maintained source of comfort and pride.


gluedtke_certificateClient Participation:
Comprehensive Home Inspection encourages you to walk along with the inspector every step of the way. Ask all the questions you have so at the end of the inspection you have peace of mind about your home purchase!

After the Inspection:
Your relationship with Comprehensive Home Inspection extends beyond the inspection with monthly maintenance tips and a Home Owner’s Manual. These explain common components and maintenance topics. You can contact Glenn for recommendations for skilled assistance with your projects too. Glenn recommends craftsmen and women who have proven they do quality work at a fair price.

We maintain the highest level of professional care and responsibility. We never stop learning and attend formal ongoing training to ensure we are current on new and emerging building techniques, problems, and solutions.